Hamilton's online CBD market to benefit company and consumers

Hamilton Central Business Association's brand-new online market place is a favorable move for sellers and customers, a retail professor states.

The virtual CBD, commissioned by the association was released today.

The website, called Hamilton Central Marketplace, serves as a directory site for the city's 1200 main city merchants and homeowner, however likewise allow visitors to browse products and services, and purchase them online

Association general supervisor Sandy Turner said members had actually bewared about the site.

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"Most have their own sites and its getting their heads around having two websites. But the central one links back to the individual business' website."

Massey University retail management associate professor Jonathan Elms stated the virtual market place was good concept. It was unlikely to drive clients further away from physical shopping.

"It's linking business together. It can just be a good idea.

"Online and e-commerce is not a brand-new thing anymore, customers understand the advantages of the various platforms.

"Consumers prefer to buy particular products in store and other items online."

Turner said the market place belonged to the organization’s digital technique and would be a tool to support companies.

"It suggests that office workers that wish to shop, who want to support the CBD, can go online and purchase products."

She said the idea was that it would be same-day shipment.

The Hamilton Central Marketplace has used the Hamilton Central Business Association website, which gets about 17,000 strikes a month.

The website upgrade comes at no additional expense to business members and will link to any pre-existing member websites.

Every company in the CBD can note on the market for free. Business can feature 3 products with a 'buy now' button or have all products on site $35 a month.

If the up-take from customers was big enough the organization would add click and gather websites throughout the city.

Turner stated the site likewise supplied a place for service suppliers to offer deals and discounts.